Design and implementation of interiors





Wabi Sabi

Wabi sabi is the art of touching beauty. Space filled with mystical calm and silent emotion. A secret refuge for all angry souls and a poetic garden of the present moment; nothing artificial. Manifestation of the inner beauty of ordinary things; truth and dreams stored deep within us. Here, the transience and imperfection of the world works for you. It transforms into pure beauty and it gradually changes you. But that's another story.

Take a look at:

  • The PIANCA bed – Piumotto
  • The AY ILLUMINATE light – Twiggy egg brown
  • The ETHNICRAFT bedside unit – Walnut osso
  • The AY ILLUMINATE light – Blonde z2
  • The &TRADITION table – In Between Sami Kallio SK6
  • The &TRADITION chair – In Between Sami Kallio SK11
  • The FURNINOVA sofa – Vesta
  • The SIMPLE PROGRESS bath – Lipso-BF
  • The ANTIC COLONIAL washbasin – Maya stone grey classico
  • The AY ILLUMINATE light – Pebble gray
  • The GROHE tap – Essence