Design and implementation of interiors



Jídelna s krbem


The Rustic style is a return to the roots. Traditional designs and solutions that have worked successfully for generations. They lead us in a straight line, like oak stairs to the attic or stone stairs to the cellar. It's a perfect escape from the city. The atmosphere of crackling wood in old tiled stoves combined with the gentle nostalgia of times past. Here is the perfect symbiosis of landscape with home; a world of life through the four seasons; a safe haven for all weathers.

Take a look at:

  • The ARROLL bath – Lyon
  • CARLO FRATTINI bathroom taps – Fima
  • The IL FANALE light – Tabia
  • The FRANKE extractor fan – Classic lord
  • The TON bar-stool – 150
  • The CARL HANSEN & SON chair – Wishbone chair 24
  • The GERVASONI light – Bell 95